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This service is for all fitness enthusiasts who need help attaining their health and fitness dreams/ goals. My name is Loren Lloyd, from the Greater Toronto Area. I have been a certified, licenced,insured and registered Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist since 1999.If you need help with weight loss, toning up specific bodyparts, or maybe want to build some muscle, I can definately help you out.

My Online Personal Fitness Training works like this:

1. First we work on your fitness goals - designing a custom weight training / cardio program specifically for your fitness needs.

2. Next we work on your meal plan and grocery list to get the proper nutrition your body will require from your new training program.

3. Next we set up your monthly workout schedule and book you in for those days and times.

4. Your first workout will go basically like this: at the pre-determined time I will either text you on your cell phone or contact you via zoom/ skpe/ or Whatsapp, 5 minutes before, to remind you your session is about to start. Using our cell phones we can facetime ( or zoom/whatsapp or skype) to visually see and speak with each other in our respective gym settings. I start the session by jogging in place for 2 minutes to warm up ( only for the first workout will I instruct you to do a warmup and stretches, after the first initial instruction, the client should complete the warm up and stretching before the next session, so we can spend more time working out. For the remainder of the session, I will instruct the client with todays specific workout for the remainder of the 30 minute session. Once the time is up, I remind the client of our next session, and that is it. Your workout is complete.

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